22 Şubat 2012 Çarşamba

how i met your mother

even how to end my adventure that I think I Met Your Mother last week's episode bölümdü. actually did not even open the inside part of this week. The past seven seasons, and still i love you'' in a chapter called'' Ted robine'e ends with a Cliffhanger, ie tiksinmiştim seriously. I opened this chapter, started badly, continued nonsense, somewhat improved, more beautifull and ended with a scene, I think almost absurd: - * - It's early'' Ted'' my God, what have I done ehüheu trip, last week was also very impulsive with the prejudice. ıyh robin or something after the kissing. - *-Barney, Marshall and Lily's long term bets'''' box under the bed, and subsequent finds it pretty good concept, I think. the details of himym himym'ı. Barney'' ted kelken NOT appear good at all, do you know Ted would say'' after the Mexican cleaners giggle bomb. - *-Ted Barney at a time when there is no indication in love with Robin?'' You!'' I could not make no sense to say. ted, balam revelation came to you? writers want to say i respectfully disagree. pretty pretty easy to jump to the board and ran away. - *-Ted with the Robin's speech was very good for me, was very nice and very duyguluydu. We watch this series for it, like, follow. Even if a small range of the door'' to the age of 40 say'' I expect to see the inside tutturmayacağımı touched fastened a lottery. '' You know what you feel for me, and when değiştirmeycek it, just please tell me.'' - *-Robin and ted how the story is full of emotion, ended with a beautiful speech. Everyone can look into your survey. to look for. - *-Lilly, who wants his money at the end of Marshall's series of'' say'' not yet, that is pish. soundtrack edit: Florence And The Machine, shake it out, what a beautiful song you: It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn! I went with an array of friends from childhood to youth. passing from youth to adulthood with a series of How I Met Your Mother. I love this series my son. screenwriters, producers, sıçmayın Let me be your dog's mouth.

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