28 Ocak 2012 Cumartesi

Real Madrid-Zaragoza28.01.2012 Cmt 21:00 video

Hand Clasico'da rövanşında 2-1, which lays down a great game Camp'da Nou Barcelona difficult situations, which could perhaps ever before in recent years, Real Madrid won the cup elense also a great self-confidence and morale.Last matches played bad football in a positive way, then this too will affect the moral status of Real Madrid in the league. He graduated at the bottom of the league, is 0-0 with Zaragoza last two matches, but it draws from the bottom of the league can not have a chance to get rid of. The winner must come to a moment ago. This is of course not something that will be road gamesat the Bernabeu. States do not have to perform the miracle. The league's opening game 6-0 and took such a heavy defeat Real Madrid has played a great game. Real handicappers expect to win beyond. Forecast: Real Madrid win

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