17 Ocak 2012 Salı

18 january 2012 - real madrid barcelona match

back to back on two legs 3.kez real madrid - barcelona match, the first match in Madrid. I think that this also makes it difficult towork vemourinho'nun Madrid. In the first match, the pitch will have to beat Real Madrid, but Madrid is the most advantageous moment to Barcelona and Barcelona kontrataklar presses, snatches his attacks are caused byballs. who have to win the match in a Madrid difficult to use these advantages. People watching the first match last year's champions league, Barcelona, ​​especially in the first half without ever leavingtheir own field paslaştığını remember them. etmeyebile audience began to protest the situation even madrid. A similar situation would not be surprising that this pairing. At a time when the forms are not at the top two teams. experiencing a period of slightly lower performance but madridsanki. Carvalho-ending injury after the withdrawal of central defender and right-back Sergio Ramos heading disorder, di Maria's injury (which is itself partof Madrid's largest lakes of preparer)

18 january 2012 - real madrid barcelona match hıghlghts scores goalsarena footbal spaın cup league. Mourınho barcelona and hector cuper.

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