19 Ocak 2012 Perşembe

Inter – Genova 19.01.2012 ıtaly league match

This is a match, winning the last games against tough opponents, and morale will witness the struggle of two of the team. Inter developments are visible and can not be underestimated. Inter won the league played a huge victory exacted a series of follow-up of 6match, which is released and continued to the summit. This difference is believed to dissolve the Inter beşincilikteki galibiyetlebir place a strengthened. The cup is included in this round, the first representative of the rival spirits Genova Milan. Udinese team to beat in his last match in the league this season, managed to flash blue-red team is 2 weeks of silence he said. This victory sekizinciliğe birlikteonikinciliktenrising Genova, especially the teacher Pasquale Marino, laughingfaces. Because of this victory, thenew team's first win since it is very important. The Genoa team, including the third round cup, oneof the last 16 teams to stay in the main made up to 2 match and knocked out, respectively, Nocerina and Bari. Many were forced to move every 2 rounds played in the match. Nocerina 2 times in 2 different front face ofthe first game, she eats than 89 goals in spite of the match 3-3 brought to pass.

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