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Apple iPhone 4S 16GB

-odd billion here man. here is no longer in our iPhone, but it makes the almıyolar. no, maybe, but my mind will be very classic bahsediyo income and expense not nation then. duyuyo few that really need the phone? I know what you are doing, enter the Internet, twitter facebook do something, the game play, mesajlaş, search, aran many deemed good, then came 4s. No difference in many bi your vocabulary usage between the two phones. one self-confessed edemiyo that this phone is the latest model. Of course, 4s, and among Apple iPhone 4S 16GB the best speed, there are important differences, such as resolution, but need to know his limitations. I got there, and almost new iphone 3gs'im, also used it for a period of days, and my iphone 4 kıyaslamayla conclusion is drawn from; iphone 4 faster-but I do not need the speed, maybe not much more clear-3g-and a lot of fuzzy system more I'm not an advanced human-system bi-, nearly 1 billion price difference between them. I have spoken to his son, like father, but I was right ulan giving advice.

There are also subject to the other side of the work he's bi, who may really need this phone, work phone rather than facilitate the bi have mass. I do not think that it is the audience is already a shortage of money, fast. If you do not even need Apple iPhone 4S 16GB the money or the Get Ringtones. you put on the table, the air here atarsın.

"Non-iphone 4 and the same" indicates, "What will you do outside of simply taking the phone to look", "menu the same," indicates, "the menu does the same as the phone is criticized," he answered the phone. model for the interior renovation, exterior renovation for the model, the model's salary is tied to Apple, the start date. "Do not do not want to", you say now, yes, but it does not already do not want to critique everyone's natural right.

the 3000 liralardan talk about this phone. iphone 3g and 4 compare it with that right now you go and criticize the man, "everything but the image quality is the same as the eye hardly realizes that it has increased, unreasonable criticism" If you say is funny. come on the phone for foreign man is not even half of the monthly minimum wage, minimum wage in Turkey for 5 and sold it right on the phone say to people to buy a d Apple iPhone 4S 16GBifferent tool that wants to feel the wave will be passed or not no small thing.

3gs'e iphone while I'm abroad, I found the cheaper and look like it went, but I went 4 for iphone iphone 4s to improve my use of the telephone or we do not see a big difference in terms of design, even add pounds on the 100-200 to pass 4s'e . your "what you know hahayt phone" in this or a closely related point is that criticism of the men say. If you do not question the quality of photo shooting artmasıysa, with iphone iphone 3g iphone 4s 4 or the difference in price between the camera will be a much Apple iPhone 4S 16GB better quality. 1-2 seconds if the speed difference will occur when you open the phone application is not to say I can not say anything.

edit: I knew this husband takılınacağını paper is the only part of the camera. A photo is now iphone 3g, iphone 4 and iphone 4s ground state with the same respect I want to:


aha, this difference here. 3g and 4 and 4s to take such differences between the price / rate of development of criticizing the man, "I would like to emergence pipicanlarla çektirdiğim photos and more beautiful for it-the-phone even if the price difference do the same. I also do this if the price to criticize others. or even nothing man to criticize, "he is hard to describe to people I know say the work is still restless. phone if you have produced a special, she attracted to you then you are more beautiful pictures of pipicanla released a special model of 4s.

Does this tool do not want to sell it to me? want to. in comparison also do so eleştiririm brother. altogether if they buy the brand almışa money becomes meaningless denkleştirip iphone. "Oh, do not criticize," "Oh, do not t Apple iPhone 4S 16GBell the price talk", "Oh, not compare it with nothing else on earth." Even when you take bread from the grocery store bread fırındakilerle karşılaştırıyorken, the potential / existing customers other phones, this phone is comparison annoys you? comparison of three models of the same brand to another brand, even if the drop response to the event sees the man look. When it comes to business, "iphone and camera, and game consoles, and video player, a music player ...";" development being done on the new models like the guy. camera developed, but the camera is trying to develop this small difference in price is almost the normal set up a camera " at the mention of "barely pipicanla photographed with him, we are putting out the feys'e. çeksek already properly photo camera, do not use it ...". price differences that set up pecker innovation, very little acne pipican'ın she looks so much more clearly so are you advoca Apple iPhone 4S 16GBting? tell him what we said on the company's managers, sözlüktekinden meet more reasonable. nation in the hands of someone who cries of phones to come eleştirince receivables think this tool. No sir, no sir, then some of the bruises were not fanboy I do not know what. he's so ...

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