17 Ocak 2012 Salı

Rick perry turkey talks exit nato

Candidate for the Republican Party in the United States this year's presidential elections, the candidates for Texas Governor Rick Perry, argued that Turkey should be taken from NATO. Perry, Turkey's "Islamic terrorists, many people perceive as the people" are governed by thesaid. Perry, the Republican presidential candidate will determine the state of South Carolina, the third leg of pre-election pre-election and the news channel, broadcast live on Fox News münazarada, Turkey hasspent about a very serious words. Perry, O MOST DISCUSSED THAT LYRICS / WEB TV debate that manages Bret Baier, Perry, the latest situation in Turkey with themurders of women, reduced freedom of the press and asked their views on military issues in the region. Baier and then "Do youbelieve that Turkey still belong to NATO?" led to the question. Perry,"Clearly, many in front of a country governed by people who have seen as Islamist terrorist, is located on its own citizens, this kind of applications, then yes, [Turkey should be removed from NATO]," replied.

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