8 Ocak 2012 Pazar

Manchester City – Manchester Utd 8 1 2012 macth live justin tv

The most eagerly anticipated encounter of the most contentious of the tour this season maç.Normal this match due to the very pleasant surprises, and the reactions likelyto go through and head to head. The City of sürklase crowded his opponent 6-1 victory in the December January period, some of its competitors' sallanmasıyla sallansa retained the top spot will go to African Cup players lost their lives on the presence of the staff tighter widths can avoid it easily. If United do not trust this year as a wobble period geçiriyor.Açıkcası game and the team is a visible defect in the order in question. Derbies are difficult to predict, but the last match, Liverpool won the match arch-rival oppressor City will takemore of a slap, I think. Prediction:1

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