9 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

8 ocak 2012 manchester city manchester utd

Each dictionary has caused the author of * John çakar'lığa soyunmasına exception maçtır. Even if only for days on the red card maçtır also be discussed.

but to sum it up in one word, yes indeed killed the match referee. In fucks fucks their laurels. players do not have to sakatlamaya hareketmiş, look them in England No yumulmuyormuş, feather hair ... The only thing I saw in my position, no damage to your opponent without the ball kompany'nin, blown away, even lifting aldığıdır clean. kompany'nin 20 cm away from the opponent, on the side, still only zıplamıştır lest an accidental thing. kompany'nin intervention completely lumpy. albeit one with his foot two with his foot, even if the third, albeit with his feet (yes, officially kadarmış 3 feet. even the grandstands, "he's big, he's quick, he's got a 12 inch dick ... kompanyyyyy kompanyyyy last season they would have said) no competitor has nothing to do . And think about the rest.

On the other hand, wearing a red card but the card had not swerve after the gigs. Jones did the same after a few minutes, and still has not seen the card. At the end of the 40th * welbeck'e minutes a yellow card was around. Insofar as the City's obviously not a penalty in the ha ... Realise I told you I think about the rest.

Despite this, the match with 10 men to be the partner city of 3-0-address. compromising the team did not play, did not give up and have highlighted all of the power. 60th league game After 6-1 minutes, while red city, 10 minute red card in this match, though these yememiştir manu'dan 6. 2 also scored the top. Realise you consider the quality between them. (There were shortcomings, dick had had a shoulder wench excuses are not accepted. Yaya'yı, etc. If you look him in the castle had passed the hart)

In addition, in those 90 +2 ah bi yazaydı Kolarov free kick, ah bi yazaydı *... you know I passed the heroic man of the match would be a hero, but still did his best yiğidim.

addressed to the late abstract mentality; welbeck'in terrific goal. manu won. City's right to beat çatur çutur. This is the.

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