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Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type review

bought a while ago, more than happy to stay in the phone. let me explain.

The manner of the phone was first launched in the Extras and the touch-key keyboard combination, let's talk. If you have a perfect opportunity to touch the keyboard to use as my excuse for this. perceive the edges of the entering Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type pressure and have the keys rat-tat-tat, but I like digging a four-way stops you from having to make a menu choice, press the keys. a non-capacitive touch screen, the screen quality is much higher than to expect, let alone exceeded the past to expect from a telephone at 430 pounds. touch pad that is yes, is not an iphone, but my experimentation dokunmatiğinden Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type samsung quality, or at least the same quality. ie, "Oh, 430 pounds, touch pad uyduruktur" she said, to escape.

sonracığıma, let's camera. Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type Well with a 5.0 megapixel camera, this figure is valid for such a phone, but by his clear point shooting in the open air unless the noise is bad photographs. night mode, flash, something does not already Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type exist, such as micro-macro mode. çekecekseniz or something, but what a beautiful landscape. poor quality of that work, but a camera that is available.

sufficient in software. the standard Nokia interface *. There are two internet browser, opera, and Nokia's own browser, opera browser and a faster, more functional, so I chose her. If you use only the opera, do not forget to http protocol settings, or experience problems in some sites. other than that, nice gallery, music player aferimlik, Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type installed in the waiting rooms is the best assistant from the guitar hero or something boring. Ovi theme and you can download the application, but not very satisfying, but you can find the necessary things.

başkaa ... very high quality microphone, the sound clear records. There are even kaydetmişliğim interviewed him, then accidentally deleted the interview yet, but it is not that it matters. I saw that I heard the sound after recording a result of very high quality. Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type exhalation bizati speakers to listen to music, not the phone manually, but you know the sound of the phone Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type talking to the other they are lying. that is pretty good. necessarily already hear the collective music Get serious headphone speakers working in the entrance, get very good sound quality.

external appearance or something stylish, beautiful in a different black-white, the rest of the colors as I see it's ugly. If you look properly resistant to the phone person, otherwise Mizik is scratched. micro SD support, and so on. hah, charge. very nice charger. zorlamazsanız continues for days, listen to music every day, two meals a day or two based on the worst.

Here, that is so. beautiful. Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type if I have this phone camera, screen quality, whether or suggest an idea as I do crazy things dokunmatiğiyle. price / performance ratio, this phone is excellent. No alternative, not a phone Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type you can see in everyone, is a way of both

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