27 Ocak 2012 Cuma

28.01.2012 bayern munich wolfsburg match

The league championship this season for Bayern Munich's favorite little kolayolmayacak. M'gladbach and play in front of the superior, the defense has made significant errors. Yakışmayacak made mistakes, even the quality of the goalkeeperNeuer. Dortmund feel his breath on his neck. Match, so they called the absence of Ribery. Wolfsburg won the won, but it gives hope hasnot played a football. If some skilled players in Cologne, he would have a very different outcome of the match. Ribery has improved the host. The most important deficiency in Van Buyten. Think it will be an easy match for Bayern Munich. To compensation on behalf of the defeat last week, as Wolfsburg team can not be more comfortable in the face of an opponent in a match shall increase. Played in the handicap victory. Wolfsburg's 16-match winning streak in this field does not exist. 15 match-winning host and finished with a draw. PREDICTION: Bayern Munich wins.

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