17 Ocak 2012 Salı

Rauf denktas died funeral cyprus

Denktash in Nicosia Presidential Palace to the funeral of the soldiers put his car on the shoulders top has been moved to the Selimiye Mosque. Denktaş bade farewell applause of thousands of people who accompanied the funeral car. Denktash in Nicosia when it moved from the funeral ceremony in the skies over the rainbow that appears on has led to emotional moments. Denktash naaşının Selimiye Mosque on the road led into a wall, on the"martyred brother, my father, my grandfather say hi to chair of the" and "no one can not love you as my favorite" and drew attention to foreign currencies. Denktas's corpse was thrown in along the way on the cloves from time to time. Founding President of the TRNC's coffin, the SelimiyeMosque after noon prayers at the funeral prayer and then taken to the Kyrenia Gate. Denktash's funeral, to be buried here after the ceremony in the Turkish Resistance Organization (TMT), where the monument has been moved to the Republic Park. Denktash, code-named Taurus, founded in 1957 to the Greek EOKA organization TMT'ninliderliğini, Turkey's Special Warfare Department designated by the "Bond" was the code name Colonel Reza Vuruşkanwith. Denktash, so that the bottom of the monument to the TMT also took the oath of secrecygoing on.

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