9 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

HTC Sensation

To give a short opinion notes; - Noneed to say anything much about heating, combination boiler there is no difference. which is able to connect to the central heating installations and heat in the winter in comfort. it hurts my fingers a break from the heat I felt it immensely. - I have 768MB ram, 200mb'lık some sense, gsm, wifi services, such as mandatory spending, a portion of 300mb'lık widgets, contacts spends blah blah. 200 MB of us remain a part of. minimum 50MB of free space left and no sounds, such as removing the parents continued to run. (The values ​​of three or less is up) - Mono speakers is a pretty uncomfortable. out of the bag or cepteyse mono amp serves as yet officially. - When it comes to charging, 60-90 min of 80% than 10% comes from. There is a amanaman energy consumption. even go to sleep mode or even 1 week.

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