28 Ocak 2012 Cumartesi

Villarreal-Barcelona 28.01.2012 Cmt 23:00

Sporting a very critical area last week by a 3-0 defeat Villarreal win 3 points, falling output and 17th victory potasındanbu Moved up to. Visiting El Madrigal'de Villarreal who lost only once in the cessation of the bad results isrequired. Villarreal, Barca best in the face several times, but this time really bad are most affected,with games. Barcelona El Clasico'da jumped off the tour revealed a disappointing game. Recently, their victories against Real, they created a little drowsiness. If the league is no longer luxuries, such as losing points. If you fight for the championship until May istiyorlarsapuan lose and need to gain the inside out. Barcelona, ​​El Madrigal'den returns three points. Prediction: Barcelona Wins

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