14 Ocak 2012 Cumartesi

Mallorca - Real Madrid 14.01.2012

Mallorca, the first competition hehad lost the match 2-0 and then defeated by a score of Soceidad'ı 6-1GiB out to be a quarter-finalist. Getafe Mallorca just lost the last seven weeks, last week, managed to remain a difficult away tie in the face of the Levante. Malaga and Sevilla at home matches this season, all the matches except for Mallorca who managed to score a goal, to seek to take advantage of playing before El Clasico with Real Madrid. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​in front of a 5-point advantage in the league. This is a significant chance that but the King's Cup quarter-final matches will be played in Barcelona with the results, which may cause the voltage to the destruction of Real Madrid's league match advantage. Real Madrid, Mallorca before El Clasico forced to face. Mallorca and Real Madrid's goals in the match so you can find this in mind, I suggest the mutual goal. Forecast: KG: Yes

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