9 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

HTC Wildfire S

I use three-four weeks. I am generally satisfied with the pros and cons, but hesitant, without counting those who want to pass I'll have an injustice. pros: + Small. fits discussed. + Android market has thousands of free programs. + Phone no problemyok function. + Automatic grouping of messages from the same feature is useful.+ FM radio channels automatically finds and hides. very practical. + Facebook friends and twitter accounts showthat the contacts. Ridvan Dilmen contacts at a time or to see the crescent cebeciyi puts people intothe air. + Micro USB charging cable with the most irrelevant places, for example, even if bus or a music set, you can charge USB port. other device can use thecable and adapters. + Many user-friendly facilities such as the present. have a thought on theoperating system. cons: -150 MB of main memory and there fills upquickly. If you would like some programs kurulmuyorlar the SD card, these 150 mbcık space occupied

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