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28 january 2012 liverpool - manchester united

For Liverpool, "Tiger Cup" Can we say that? I can say. Despite erraticperformances continue at full throttle in the league cups ways. Manchester City this week after atough 90 minutes sifting through the names of the yazdırdılar League Cup Final. Rivals at Wembley, they will be relatively weak Championship team Cardiff match that he seems to rest on your receivables. You can be born from the ashes of a team Dalglish'in. Performances show a very shrewd, especially derby matches this season. This time his opponent also is not easy. United's pre-game than the rest, and had the opportunity to focus on this match. League match played between two teams this season and 1-1 in the Anfield'daydı was over. Liverpool striker Suarez in this match, United left-back subsequently Evra'ya 8 matches for an alleged racist abuse was sentenced punishment because that penalty is still out of the squad. So Patrice tribunes during a match atAnfield has been exposed to heavyprovokasyonuna muhtemel.Manchester birsakatlığıUnited, Rooney's serious and mostlikely to miss the match. In the defense, such as Rio Ferdinand and Phil Jones oynayamayacakolmaları virtually certain. I say this tour is the house in Liverpool in the light of all these factors.

FA Cup 4th round match. The drawing of lots was a very exciting and arch rivals eşleştiler FA Cup match. as a result of an encounter that will be a topic of curiosity. manchester'denani, Vidic, ashley young, famous names such as Fletcher are still injured. Although it may not muchmissing from Liverpool's Luis Suarez banned players make the squad for the Arsenal away a few days ago giyemeyecek.bundan whosucceed 1'le united'ta 2-form Wayne Rooney too. welbeck'le in this match with a young team will be the biggest trump card. 3 days before the man on the other hand.2-a 2 allocated to match the results of city and liverpool are playing with the advantage of playing at home will use more. craig belamy'nin growing form an important element in the name of team. The performance of this match is curious. Liverpool's Champions League, the league wants to go somewhere without access to a kind of hard to say seems to be too large will not be spoken to. Although a little early for that newcastle, arsenal, chelsea, behind teams like I do notbelieve bıracağına. maybe 5 'league, 6' disease does not seem to be trying, but more. progress inthe competition he desires to do this if we estimate the normal duration of kamçılayacaktır kanaatindeyim.sonuç a draw, I think that is lengthenings manu match. I hope plenty of Gollum, a fun track game.

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