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blackberry playbook review

Looking at the hardware features and supported platforms heyecanlandırsa although the point of software on the market so far not had any asset should be noted that RIM will come.

gösterememesi of course, the inability of the devices being produced by a rim as the relevant software. as if the windows vista os to use this tablet uses limits the potential of the hardware, iPad, or competition with the galaxy's tablet does not seem very realistic. but the best hardware and software integrity sağlayabilirse, iPad zorlamasa market, even if the galaxy s, the capacity will force absolutely. Of course, this can provide integrity for the rim, and animation must first undergo a revision appworld'ü tight.

There is a review about it some nice (english)


also called rim-blackberry-producing companies to ignore the software of iphone otesi stable version goes even when no obvious 'point of software on the market so far not had any assets' mean ignorance, saying that it can not. U.S. smartphone piyasasinin '40i%, 18% of these men did was to use this software lives or the world market ..

Moreover, this instrument is to be used in the BlackBerry OS, QNX-based software used by Cisco and GE, the adobe and AIR, Webkit, the open GL supported the java all the shit talking without knowing the port.

ha bi Webcamming behind him when the flash while it supports the USB ports 'iPad Register button and say' interesting also. the oval, not rectangular screen iPad yapsaydi napsaydi guys did not understand to differ ..

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