16 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

Komik nine

This too is a very talented man. sunarmış prepare sketches on television many years ago. Sailors know the alternative, had not heard that name many times. After the european 'sütçüoğlu volcano came with. man for all seasons played döktürdü, Volkan is not only painful, Ayhan, wise woman portrayed in such a wonderful typecasting. After the series ended a period of time, the movie drew: alack Eyyvah. a hot movie, and laugh. This time I saw ahussain as almonds. clean, calamity, Kemal Sunal şaban'ı 70s then recalled. acting was very good again. and now the new film: berlin tiger. just watched the trailer. I came here as I write hurriedly without forgetting. Brother what a talented actor! a stick man on a role at all? I give it a role as a man wearing a dress, yakıştırıyor him. discriminated against, both boxers've done in a sympathetic role of accent.

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