1 Ocak 2012 Pazar

Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace

I use the phone for 2 days. hepsiburada Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace also taken pre-order.
old phone (Sony Ericson S500i) compared with the volume is fine.
using GPSI (Igo) dun got up to go to a place, but was surprised to less than thirty (return distance incorrectly said) they are nonetheless Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace arrived at where we want.
such as running out of charge is a little bit quicker. (Well I just received my very oynaşmadım).

I do add a bit more oynaşıca.

The addition ...
satisfied for the moment.
charge only 3-4 days if you do call 24 hours a tough going, but you say you see no internet wifi or something. aettim charge yesterday evening. Up to 1 hour wandering the internet. fian charge for the game I played was 15% reduction in bi. (But I guess this is normal when compared with other wide screens)
giriyosun android market, but limited to applications that appear from Turkey. installed in its place again as a slide from me (sam) There is a system, there is a pretty present application. with additions and customization they have done a pretty (this was my favorite yanıda, phone my phone, the border drawn by someone else does not have to use).
I have an application that I enjoyed the sound hound. Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Open the song in the application of wire. which brings the internet to find that song dinletiyorsun room (the room is if you have videos on youtube), especially the singer or the song is very nice do not know. When the contact Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace list from there to facebook contacts with those who compare the photos of their profile and automatically adding contacts (with the ordinary flat at a time to enter the Directory facebook2a colored).
take notes if necessary, as a voice memo is full of hands yazdırabiliyorsun (search at google or yaptırabiliyorsun).
facebook and twitter social hub, Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace with the application at hand with a single click.
ulaşabiliyorsun the shortest way to google services. I've set up your own POP3 e-mail, and it no longer easily ulasabiliyorum hesabımıda.
the phone's processor speed is fine. A few applications simultaneously acabiliyorsun.
touch screen (the first touch screen phone), beautiful,

Will? yes, I'm glad I got my doubts, but I have got a little bit early, turkey samsungun overseas market to market, they have moreSamsung S5830 Galaxy Ace phones maniac (I wonder enters) enters the prices I do not know what happens.

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