9 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi


HTC quality than a phone that offers a classic. The only difference is now standardized hi-end phones çekebilmesidir 3d photo-video. evo3d only in the media again, but this 3d (or 3d tv reportedly youth) displayed. One of the disadvantages, 3D media viewing just a single right angle tocapture the 3D effect. half a degree even if you scroll the screen 3D effect is lost, and nonsense a disturbing picture emerges. Effect no longer than 10-15 minutes easy yakalayabiliyorsunuz uğraşınca. The only appealing aspect of this phone, but the "wow" leads to the loss of efektiktinin the temporary: 80% of the incident showed a photo taken with arkdaşınıza 3d grasp "what len, this is such a 3d" he will say. not in fact a lie. other than that very nice, easy to use, long charge to the (relatively) a telephone. Samsung GS2 or not is still a sensation.

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