8 Ocak 2012 Pazar

Espanyol-Barcelona justin tv 9 1 2012 match

Barcelona derby against Espanyol,Barca is hosting. Barcelona to play with any team, not a pleasant contrast to the often painful. 23 points, 8th in the league Area and the chance of Europa League place this season, Espanyol who want to find a young staff, but does not reveal when the best time in games. The last two leaguematches won and the way of things. Barcelona is a kind of roadthis season and the results could not do any game. Still, El Clasico'da defeated Real Madrid 3-1 Bernabeu and Away is a statement that the results now return skordu reverse. Messi, Fabregas and Xavi will be effective as the stars in the very form and derbide. Barcelona will exceed handicappers. Prediction: Barcelona Wins

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