14 Ocak 2012 Cumartesi

Milan - inter 15.01.2012

Giuseppe Meazza stadium on Sunday 21:45 hours in the week we will witness the most important encounter. Shown in the top 10 of world's most important derby of competition as a result of this eternal daimaher any case has been open. Bareber scored 37 points with Juventus Milan averajıyla leadership holds shares. Milan stadium, was a guest on last week's Athlete of the Azzurri, whoönündenamağlüp audience by beating the host Atalanta 2-0'la put an end to this series. Not since the death of Milan, Juventussoccer team 2 October 2011, the red-siyahlılarda kaybetmedi.Formunun summit hasan important missing. 15 points inhis last five match, Inter managedto subtraction at the beginning ofthe season put an end to a bad trend. Ranieri's team has collected on top of the points onaltıncılıktan Morale is up to fifth place. This is the biggest derby before the dark-faced Parma 5-0'la siyahlılar galibiyetineimza taken this seasonwere the most different. There is also an important esksik Inter, a full staff team.

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